• "I will be forever grateful to Dr. Lindsay"

    Dr. Lindsay diagnosed my condition the first time I saw her for it, and prescribed a focused rehabilitation treatment that helped me regain my function with much reduced pain!  I will be forever grateful to Dr. Lindsay!
    K.S., pt of Dr. Lindsay’s since 2003:
  • "Highly recommend her."

    A family member recommended Dr. Lindsay, and we immediately connected on the first visit.  She didn’t know much about my disease either, but called a specialist who could help me while I was with her in the office! She has coordinated my care with the specialist, and takes care of my health care needs with compassion.
    K.S., pt of Dr. Lindsay’s since 2003:
  • "Thoughtful, caring doctor that I know I can trust."

    I have known Dr. Lindsay for years in her old practice, when I came in with excruciating headaches that my old doctor had not been able to help.  For the first time I got the diagnosis of migraines from Dr. Lindsay.  They were difficult to treat but we finally developed an effective treatment plan that still works. 
    T.H., Pt of Dr. Lindsay’s since 2004:
  • "Proactive Health Management"

    It is difficult for me to adequately describe how much I appreciate my relationship with Dr. Lindsay. Her proactive approach to management of my health care…has been invaluable!
    - J.H.
  • "A caring physician"

    Dr. Lindsay is a caring physician and consummate professional.  She has helped our family save time and money on medical services by being accessible and guiding us to the right specialists.  We love Dr. Lindsay!
    - K.L.
  • "Highly recommended"

    We moved to Silicon Valley from another state.  We had a Concierge doctor there, and love it!  We found Dr. Lindsay in Willow Glen, and have found her to be even more approachable and concerned than our previous doc.  Highly recommend Dr. Lindsay!
    - S.J.

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