Talk with the Doc Events

Our next event is on November 5, 2-5pm.

Talk with the Doc on the Bubbly Walk, Saturday, November 5, 2-5 pm

Talk with the Doc on the Bubbly Walk

Talk with the Doc on the Halloween Walk, Friday, October 30, 10 am-4 pm

Talk with the Doc halloween

Come join us for this fun and informative day.  Contact our office for directions and question.

A Successful ‘Talk with the Doc on the Wine Walk!’

Community health plays an important role in our own health.  One way I contribute to our community is through my ‘Talk with the Doc’ speaker series to provide information and discussion on various health topics of general interest.  This also gives all of us a chance to meet our neighbors, and an opportunity for me to meet you!   I enjoy hearing your thoughts, and invite you to send in your ideas for future talks.  All ‘Talk with the Doc’ events are free and open to the public.

Sian Lindsay, MD and Dipa Patel, MD gave talks on breast health and breast cancer

Sian Lindsay, MD and Dipa Patel, MD gave talks on breast health and breast cancer

In honor of October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, our October 3rd  ‘Talk with the Doc’ was on “Breast Cancer and Breast Health Updates”.  In addition to myself and my colleague mammographer Dr. Dipa Patel,  the program included Kitty Maldonado from Myriad Genetics (which pioneered multiple cancer screening tests),  and Dave Weller from consulting firm Valley Wellness.  It was a fun and informative afternoon (laced with a little wine sipping).  Here are a few pearls of information from the talk:

  • Taking hormones may increase or decrease the risk of developing breast cancer
  • A diet rich in fruits and vegetables may decrease cancer risk, but taking vitamin pills does not replace eating the produce
  • A more powerful mammogram (Tomosynthesis) is available locally which is more effective at detecting breast cancer
  • There is genetic testing available—with no blood draw required—to screen for a number of hereditary cancers (Willow Glen Primary Care Medicine patients can get it done right in the office)
  • The Environmental Working Group (from Berkeley) has online resources such as ‘The dirty dozen’ and ‘The clean fourteen’ guidelines for buying fruits and vegetables
Prizes for the free drawing

Prizes for the free drawing

We gave out all of our gift bags, and 5 names were drawn for the grand prizes:

  • Gift certificate for ‘The Table’, one of Willow Glen’s fine restaurants
  • Wine and chocolate
  • Mary Kay basket with free facial certificate
  • Grab bag of fun items
  • Gift certificate for ‘Mariette’s Chocolates’ on Lincoln Ave.

Congratulations to our Winners!  All grand prize winners have been notified.  Each winner can select her/ his prize from the items available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Winners have until Wednesday 14 October to claim a prize.  After that date new winners will be chosen for unclaimed prizes.  Call for questions or to claim your prize:  408-295-1005.

Thanks to everyone who attended, and to all of our wonderful speakers.