Quality Care Starts with Having the Time to Listen

As a physician in our community for more than a decade, I have had the privilege to practice the art of healing and to develop meaningful and supportive relationships with my patients. The opportunity to ease pain and serve as a guide on the road to wellness has brought me great personal and professional satisfaction.

As we all know, our healthcare system today is undergoing dramatic transformation.  One consequence—unexpected for many of us—is the rapid reduction in private practice medicine as an option for patients and doctors.  Yet private practice has not only been the familiar bedrock of American healthcare since its inception, it is also the setting which allows me maximum options for delivering personalized care to each patient.  In my practice we can work together to promote your best health without an institution limiting our choices or your access to care.

As my patient, your whole experience will be less bureaucratic and more personal, starting with your first phone call.  When you call during business hours you reach a human voice whenever possible.  There is never a long voice mail cue to wade through.  When the office is closed, you have direct cell phone access to me for urgent consultations and triage, and encrypted email access for more routine matters.  We have the flexibility  to make the most out of our valuable time together.  We can take the time in my practice for truly comprehensive care.  This includes time to address complex conditions and individual concerns with extended office visits when needed.

Many patients do not require frequent doctor visits for sick care.  However, they often appreciate the opportunity to consult in depth on important but non-urgent health issues, such as weight loss, hormonal therapy, sorting through the avalanche of health advice online, etc.  We can take the time to explore topics of interest in-depth, with ample time for thoughtful questions and dialogue, making for an informative and satisfying experience.

A crucial aspect of comprehensive care emphasized in my practice is the focus on preventive care and health promotion, creating individual wellness plans that work with your lifestyle and goals.

Just as important in fast-moving Silicon Valley is being able to save time, and costs, by taking care of some health care needs online or on the phone, as appropriate. You will have 24/7 access to your health records via our encrypted patient portal.

The many benefits that create a personal, outstanding patient experience with delivery of high quality care are made possible by joining my Concierge practice.  In order to provide the exceptional care that you deserve, there is a limited number of patient enrollment slots and an annual membership fee.  We encourage you to call for a complimentary visit with me and my staff, and learn about the many opportunities available to make Concierge care your care for life!  Please call us at (408) 295-1005.

“Talk with the Doc”–A Community Service Educational Series

Community health plays an important role in our own health.  One way I contribute to our community is through my ‘Talk with the Doc’ speaker series to provide information and discussion on various health topics of general interest.  This also gives all of us a chance to meet our neighbors, and an opportunity for me to meet you!   I enjoy hearing your thoughts, and invite you to send in your ideas for future talks.  All ‘Talk with the Doc’ events are free and open to the public. Our next event is “Talk with the Doc on the Bubbly Walk”, Saturday, December 5, from 2-5pm. Go to the Talk with the Doc Events tab for more information.

Talk with the Doc on the Bubbly Walk